Gamato responds to Simbu protesters

Recount of the Simbu provincial seat will proceed in Lae, Morobe Province.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is standing by his decision as he says Lae is a neutral ground for the recount to take place.

The Commissioner said the recount venue was challenged by Simbu Governor, Michael Dua, in court.

“The court dismissed his application, so counting will still proceed in Lae as neutral ground,” Gamato said in response to this newsroom.

Disgruntled supporters of both leaders in the election petition are not happy with the recount being held outside the province.

Election manager Rev. Tom Sine today told this newsroom they will attempt to remove the containers containing the ballot boxes from the Kundiawa police station, which is heavily guarded by protesting supporters.

An attempt was also made last week Monday, which was stopped by the supporters.

Results of the recount must be presented back to the National Court by February 7.

(Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato filepic)

Sally Pokiton