Funeral procession for Ottio deferred

The PNG Rugby Football League says the funeral procession for Kato Ottio has been deferred until further notice.

In statement released this afternoon, the PNGRFL said: “Late Kato Ottio's final journey to Tatana did not proceed this afternoon as planned following some disgruntled relatives disputing his final resting place, among other things, at the gates of the funeral home.

“Kato's eldest brother, Henry Ottio, who flew in from America yesterday, spoke to the disgruntled persons but they stood firm and threatened to close the gate until their demands were properly addressed.

“There were also many people outside the gates of the funeral home who earlier stoned vehicles and chased families relatives and friends from the funeral home.

“Due to the tense situation, the funeral procession has been deferred until further notice after the families meet and resolve their differences,” said the PNGRFL.

Troy Taule