Funds approved for ENB haus krai

The Tolai shell money breaking ceremony for late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has started in East New Britain with the commitment of K100,000 by the provincial government.

East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga, made the announcement early this week.

A formal invitation to this effect took place last week when the East New Britain community, led by Governor Nakikus Konga and Provincial Administrator, Wilson Matava, visited Sir Michael’s haus krai in Port Moresby.

The invitation was done through the laying of traditional Tolai shell money, or tabu, by the four East New Britain MPs, senior statesman and former MP Sir Sinai Brown, to begin the process.

Initial preparations have started with the approval of one hundred thousand kina by the Provincial Executive Council this week.

A further K150, 000 was approved for the ENB haus krai over the past two weeks.

The announcement was made by Governor Konga when paying his tribute at the Kokopo showground haus krai.

Konga said the K100,000 will be parked for next year’s kutu tabu ceremony.

A date has yet to be set by late Sir Michael’s adopted Malemale clan of Vunabalbal, including people from his birthplace, Rapidik, Matupit, in Rabaul District.

The Malemale clan have also been recognised and acknowledged for initiating Grand Chief and giving him the name ToPalangat.

The ceremony is tentatively set to coincide with his first death anniversary.

(Picture: Nelsie Giraure-Saya)

Terry Longbut