Funding never reaches districts: MP

Funding earmarked in provincial infrastructure grants never reaches the districts.

During the Morobe Provincial Government’s budget session at Tutumang Haus, Menyamya MP, Solen Loifa, expressed his concern that the Morobe Provincial Administration does not properly vet so-called contractors, who take the money and disappear.

“Planti mani lo provincial infrastructure grant no save kamap lo distrik,” he said.

“Em save pinis lo Morobe Provincial Administration hia lo Lae. Paper contractors come in here, finish the money and it never reaches the villages.

“Lo badjet buk ya, mipla bilasim gut na mipla toktok but mani wok lo sink lo provinsel gavman stap, ino ritsim ol manmeri lo ples.”

Loifa appealed to Governor Luther Wenge to ensure the K22 million allocated to the 10 districts of Morobe must reach them.

In the K644 million provincial budget, K10 million is reserved for provincial infrastructure program while K50 million is for ‘district infrastructure development program’.

Speaking on the same subject, Member for Tewae-Siassi, Dr Kobby Bomareo, stressed on checks and balances.

“Where is the check and balance here? That’s why I’m saying, there is some compromise somewhere so the administration, yupla nid lo lukluk gut lo hau yupla asistim ol LLG blo mipla.

“There is clearly no good governance in the LLGs.

“People in between are also dishing out without proper channels, without proper check and balance.”

Both Open Members expressed that this is why tangible services fail to reach the remote districts of Morobe, with Dr Bomareo appealing to the administration to adhere to the process of awarding contracts.

(Aseki, Menyamya district)

Carmella Gware