Fraudulent teachers identified

Morobe’s division of education has so far identified 32 “fraudulent teachers”.

Morobe’s senior school inspector basic education, Kwinda Trenian, said “fraudulent teachers” are those individuals who have not met the basic requirement but were allowed to become teachers.

Trenian stated that Morobe’s school inspectors have so far identified 32 individuals; 19 are college graduates while 13 are substitute level officers.

“They’ve gone through the process but they’ve never been identified,” stated Trenian. “It was through the inspection process that we picked up these 32 but the number is still growing. Some are hiding in the remotest parts of Morobe Province.”

The senior school inspector said of those 19 graduates, a good number were from Balob Teachers College.

Trenian questioned how they had managed to be certified.

He added that the days of cheating are over as they have finally implemented a check and balance system to weed out fraudulent teachers. 

“Through the check and balance, we picked them up,” he stated. “Some were not registered; they’re all there. But the process of termination will come. They will all be terminated.

“If they wish to challenge the process, they have the legal right to challenge it in court but as long as they have a defendable case.”

Trenian said the Teaching Service Commission should check on its teachers’ qualifications.

He has further issued a warning to others who are hiding that they will catch them, saying the current Provincial Mini Rating Conference will go through the list of teachers and verify their qualifications.

“When the inspector is presenting the report, he will present the qualification documents to the chair. The chair will look at those documents and say whether it’s true or it’s fake, and the report will be passed through.”

The Provincial Mini Rating Conference is currently underway at the Lae Travellers Inn.

(Morobe’s senior school inspector basic education, Kwinda Trenian)

Carmella Gware