Fourth escape for high-risk prisoner

A dangerous and high-risk prisoner serving a jail term of 30 years, who was recently recaptured by Police in Lorengau on January 27th, has escaped for the fourth time from CS Lorengau.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the escapee, Wendal Agua, aged 28 from Likum village, climbed over the razor fence with another prisoner, 22-year-old Kevin Murimbe, on January 31st.

The PPC said Agua was charged with wilful murder, where he was convicted by the National Court on April 10th, 2019, and sentenced to 30 years in hard labour.

PPC Yapu, who was frustrated over the incident, said whilst Agua was on the run, he was involved in a string of crime in Lorengau town involving the use of firearms.

“He was a great threat and dangerous to the community in Lorengau town,” stated PPC Yapu.

Yapu said his officers had worked hard to recapture the escapee, only for him to escape again.

He had written a letter to the CS acting commander expressing his disappointment and requested for an internal investigation to be conducted on how Agua and the other prisoner escaped.

Yapu appealed to the community to be alert and keep a look out for Agua, adding they should report him to police or provide information on his whereabouts.

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