Four-Mile road upgrade complete

Road upgrade, sealing and drainage construction on Lae’s Four-Mile major street roads have been completed this week.

This now concludes the first phase of the Miles main street road upgrade starting from Two-Mile through Three-Mile, and now Four-Mile.

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, said the second stage of the remaining street roads in these suburbs will begin soon.

The Two-Mile, Three-Mile and Four-Mile suburbs had sealed roads with streetlights in the 1970s and 1980s when, as children, we would walk on these roads safely and peacefully,” Rosso said.

“The roads and suburbs have deteriorated overtime. Kids growing up never thought these streets were once sealed, with streetlights.

“It makes my heart glad that after 40 years of these suburban roads being neglected with no maintenance and attention, we now have given pride back to the people who live there that yes, there is a government who cares.

“Other similar projects under this suburban roads upgrade program includes the East Taraka street roads, Eriku street roads, Kamkumung street roads and Kaisa Tent City road upgrade, which are currently under construction and upgrade.

“Main street roads in these suburbs are completed under first stage and second stage on the feeder streets will commence soon.”

Completed roads include:

  • Unitech – Tent City road
  • Chinatown – Malahang road
  • Mangola Street – Old Airport Four-Lane
  • Sletjford Street – Main Wharf road

The MP said streetlights will also be installed along the newly constructed roads like the Chinatown-Malahang road.

“In anticipation of all those numerous questions from people regarding when work will start on their streets, we will get there, be patient. We waited for 40 years,” said Rosso.

“It’s all about money; it doesn’t grow on trees.

“Every street, every suburb will get the attention it deserves.

“I only ask that our people take care of these developments as it is for their use and benefit.”

The project is funded by the taxpayers of Lae through the Lae City Authority and Morobe Provincial Government’s 20 percent GST agreement with the Internal Revenue Commission. 

Loop author