Former MP corrects misreporting

Former Kandep MP Don Polye has corrected a misreporting in the press, saying there are five ballot boxes to be counted in the recount for the Kandep Open Seat.

He condemned the press, in particular a daily newspaper, for the misreport on 5th July.

Polye said the National Court handed down a clear and profound decision which was to be executed by the Electoral Commissioner and its Returning Officer.

The recount of the Kandep Open seat was ordered after Justice Colin Makail, on July 4th, upheld two out of eight alleged breaches in the election petition.

Justice Makail upheld that there was a failure by the Electoral Commission to provide security at the polling venues and that there were errors and omissions in the counting process.

He said the recount must be held to make certain the result of the voting outcome and to give assurance to the electorate that the results are impeccable.

(Don Polye on July 4th after the recount decision was delivered)

Freddy Mou