Foe PDL 2 LOA unhappy

Landowner executives of Upper Foe and Lower Foe who are beneficiaries of PDL 2 project, expressed disappointment in a newspaper advertisement dated Friday November 25, 2022 of a gazette notice regarding the benefits of the gas project for PDL 2 landowners

The Namaporo Landowner Association and the Foe Landowner. 

Foe Association Chairman, Johnny Yawari affirmed they are the principal signatories to the gas agreement and also licensed based LBSA in Kaibo; Moro representing 139, 96 for Upper Foe, and 45 for Lower Foe.

He said the alterations in the ILG decreasing the number from 139 to only 16 will cause confusion and chaos among the landowner beneficiaries.

Yawari is now calling on the Department of Petroleum & Energy to revert the decision, and consult with the Foe Association as the umbrella association.

“I don’t know what type of criteria Petroleum Energy is using to advise the minister to get him to make the determination of these ILGs. And we had never agreed on a percentage split. Normally a percentage split you have to have everyone involved. And as the current chairman of Foe Association, we had never been informed by DPE at one time. Foe Association and Namaporo are the principal signatures to the Kutubu Agreement (dating) back (to) 1992, revised in 1996 and (the current),” Yawari said. 

Frieda Kana