Flooding cuts off access into Kimbe

Continuous heavy rain in West New Britain Province has seen a river flood its banks and wash away a section of the New Britain Highway in Bialla, cutting off access into Kimbe and Bialla Towns.

The temporary Bailey bridge that was set up was no match for the vicious strength of the river.

This part of the highway is at Ivule in Bialla, Talasea District of West New Britain Province.

It is the only highway that links Kimbe Town to Bialla Town.

It is not only important for the general public who travel to Kimbe to access most services but an important economic highway for oil palm company, Hargy Oil Palm Limited.

West New Britain Provincial Works manager, Aura Banka, says this is not the first time; Ivule has flooded and cut off road links before.

He said they are now waiting for the rains to subside to begin reconstruction.

The wait for the rain to subside could take several days.

Banka is hoping the oil palm companies will assist in reconstructing the bridge once the rain stops.

(The flooded province)

Charmaine Poriambep