Flights to Kagamuga suspended

In a statement released today, Air Niugini advised its customers that the airline has suspended all flights to Kagamuga airport, Mt Hagen today due to civil unrest.

The airline’s decision to suspend flights was made after it received a Notice to Pilots (NOTAM), consequently forcing the cancellation of all five flights today (July 12). 
Air Niugini states that it will continue to closely monitor the situation and will resume operations as soon as it is safe, including withdrawal of the NOTAM.

The airline adds that passengers who purchased tickets for the flights that were cancelled can revalidate their travel for the next available flight.

In addition, the Leaders of the Yamka Tribe of Hagen Central, Western Highlands Province have strongly condemned the illegal closure of the access road to Kagamuga International Airport in Mt Hagen. 
“We the Yamka Community standby our colourful politician, late Paul Pora’s comments which he made after losing the 2002 National Elections.” 

“I want all of you to return to your jobs and your homes. Everything must run as normal. The airport is a national airport and it ust remain open. The highway is a national road and it must remain open. Mt Hagen town is ours. It must not be touched,” words spoken by the Late Paul Pora. 

The Yamka community states, “We have respected his wishes and embraced peace and community living where we have attracted the entire highlands and coastal families to live peacefully in our community since 2002.”
The community leaders acknowledged that the government asset, Kagamuga airport, sits in the middle of the Yamka community. 

The Yamka community statement said the daily economic activities around the vicinity of the international airport is estimated to be close to K200,000.00 daily which equated to K73,000.000.00 annually. 

“The continuous sabotage of this national asset which continues to interrupt the daily economic activities of our small people has come to our attention and we stand united and express the strongest condemnation to those perpetrators of this jungle attitude.

“We will work together with the national securities on the ground and National Airports Corporation to assure the safety of workers as well as the national asset during the period of the remaining days of the elections.” 


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