Flash flood warning for Central Province

A flooding and flash flood safety warning has been issued to villagers in Central Province.

The Central Provincial Administration, through the provincial disaster office, has urged villagers along the coastal areas and rivers, stream beds, drainage ditches and culverts to take extra precaution.

  • Do not go out to sea
  • Do not ride up and down rivers
  • Be careful of debris and big logs, etc..
  • Motorists be careful while driving along the Magi and Hiritano highways, Sogeri road and Papa/Lealea has roads are filled with flood waters caused by nonstop rain for the last few days in the province

In the meantime, the Central Provincial Administrator, Gei Guni Raga, has instructed all district education officers to delay opening of schools until such time the weather improves and school grounds and premises, including classrooms and dormitories, are dry and ready for occupation.

He said however that students who have already arrived at their schools should remain there to minimise the risk of having to travel long distances during these current extreme weather conditions.

The 2018 school year was scheduled to start yesterday January 29.

(Loop file pic of commuters being stranded at Sogeri)

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