Fisheries Strategic Plan endorsed

The National Executive Council recently endorsed the PNG Fisheries Strategic Plan 2021-2030 for the next 10 years.

The plan provides a Road Map and Vision towards a broad-based fisheries sector and industry that is globally competitive, inclusive and sustainable.

In a statement, Prime Minister, James Marape, says the PNG Fisheries Strategic Plan 2021-2030 is aligned to the Vision 2050, PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 and the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP).

Prime Minister James Marape says the PNG Fisheries Strategic Plan is intent on taking PNG’s fisheries sector forward by resonating with the Government’s agenda to ‘Take Back PNG’ and to realize equitable benefits for Papua New Guineans.

“The evolution of such policy directions over the last 12 months has culminated to two high-level strategic pieces of work at hand. These are the project on creating a Fisheries Commercial Entity to be responsible for the Government’s commercial interests as approved by Cabinet and the National Fisheries Board decision to formulate a 10-year Fisheries Strategic Plan,” said Prime Minister Marape.

He said developing the sector from its artisanal and informal state to a commercial stage that provides formal employment and income, has been challenging. This is because fish and marine resources, such as Tuna, whose migration is influenced by currents cannot be domesticated.

Marape said the NEC noted that tuna stock had necessitated regional countries to enter into governance regimes to interdependently manage the moving stock across their borders.

“Commercialization and strategy together with sustainable management of the fishery resources going forward will be necessity needs and requirements to take into consideration under such regional interdependent considerations,” Prime Minister Marape said.

The PNG Fisheries Strategic Plan is therefore PNG’s response to these regional and national development considerations.

The National Fisheries Board and the National Fisheries Authority embarked on designing the strategic road map as a response to the challenges.

“Therefore, the 10 year Fisheries Strategic Plan is aimed at guiding the Government’s development intentions for the sector to invest smartly to awaken and consolidate the latent commercial and socially inclusive potential of the fisheries sector, whilst at the same time, position the State’s body, the National Fisheries Authority to purposefully perform its mandated functions in overseeing the governance and management of the development of the sector going forward,” said Prime Minister Marape.

Cedric Patjole