First reading of LLG election extension passed

The first vote for the constitutional amendment to defer Local Level Government elections by 12 months was unanimously passed today by Parliament.


The first vote of 91 – 0  by both the Government and Opposition ranks will now see the process of amending the separation of the LLG Elections and the National Elections from three months to 12 months proceed.

The amendment to Section 103 of the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government Elections followed the first reading by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

In the first opportunity to debate, Opposition Leader, Don Polye, said the Opposition was happy with the amendment.

After passing of the first vote and the second reading, Acting Speaker, John Simon, announced that the third reading be adjourned for at least two months as required by the constitution.

The third reading is where the second required debate, and the second vote to pass the amendment will be made.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said in this term of Parliament, many councilors were voted in for a term of five years, however, circumstances beyond their control in the conduct of the previous elections only gave councilors a four year term. Councilors expressed that they wished to complete five years.

O’Neill said the deferral will see the proper preparation of the LLG elections and will create a smooth flowing National Elections.

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Cedric Patjole