Firefighters pass out

The 41 firefighters who received their certificates after completing the basic firefighting course in Port Moresby were congratulated by Fire Chief, Bill Roo. All of them made it concluded the course successfully.

Forty-two (42) were recruited in 2021 but one left. The rest went through 6 months of intensive training both theoretically and practically. 

The Fire Chief officiated the presentation of certificates to the firefighters at the Fire Services headquarters in Port Moresby on Friday 5th August, 2022.

Mr. Roo encouraged the new firefighters to work hard, be honest, and be grateful for the job they have and to be faithful to it.

“Whatever you have learnt, you put them to use. Physically you put them to use when you attend to fire calls, you will be doing rescue, trying to put out fires. When you do that, I would like you to do that with honesty. You must perform you duties diligently, must attend to work and obey your superiors,” said Chief Roo.

“Try to humble yourself because humility is key to everything. If you want to become a leader, I would like you to humble yourself, respect your work, and respect what you have signed for. Not all of you will reach up to the top level, not all of us, but if one is promoted, be happy with them,” he said.

Meanwhile, officer in charge of training, Superintendent Training, Arifeae Farapo said the group were the first batch of the 2021 recruitment and they are all from NCD. The next batch will be recruited from provinces outside NCD, who started training in their respective fire stations in April this year.

Among the recently graduated batch were two females. All will be distributed to the four fire stations within NCD.

Frieda Kana