Fire Services Staff, Families Get Jab

PNG Fire Services staff and their family members in Port Moresby were vaccinated today with Chief Fire Officer, Bill Roo and his family taking the lead.

Mr Roo and his family were the first to take the vaccination among many staff and their families. The vaccination drive was organized through an existing partnership between the PNG Fire Service and St John Ambulance.

He said: “PNG Fire Services is playing its part in dealing with the COVID-19 measure where it has provided voluntary vaccination options for its staff and their family members, so they can be protected against the deadly Delta Variant.”

Sixty-four people were vaccinated, (35 staff and 29 family members/relatives) received their jabs administered by St John volunteer, Jennifer Wilkinson.

Mr Roo said: “COVID-19 is real and it is here to stay, so as Chief Fire Service Officer I took the lead in getting my jab. I want to make it clear that vaccination for our staff and their families is voluntary and those who are not vaccinated must follow the COVID-19 measures by wearing mask and practicing social distancing.”

He said that out of the 14 fire stations in the country, the four fire stations in Port Moresby took the lead in vaccination.

“Most of this staff remain skeptical but hope they can get as much advice and information as possible to consider being vaccinated. Vaccination at the Fire Service remains voluntary,” Mr Roo said.

Registered nurse and volunteer, Jennifer Wilkinson of St John Ambulance said staff turnout was great and she was able to answer most of their queries on vaccination, including the difference between the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnsons.

“We are grateful in making sure that everyone is vaccinated in the community. It’s great to see so many Papua New Guineans coming forward and getting vaccinated,” said Wilkinson.

Godwin Eki