Finance officers vacate building

Finance and National Planning and Monitoring staff have vacated Vulupindi Haus over fears of a spillover from Parliament.

Frustrated Joint Security Task Force personnel stormed the House of Parliament today over the non-payment of their allowance.

Apart from Vulupindi, their neighbours from Treasury have also closed their doors.

Members of the joint task force said some of their colleagues have worked for 1-2 months without allowance.

However, APEC CEO Christopher Hawkins said: “The payment of allowances for police, CS and defence normally take a week to process at the end of a major event.

“The meeting ended two days ago and the security operation is now winding down.

“The payment of individual allowances has already commenced and individual security force members should check with their banks as payments are (sic) made.”

Meantime, Parliament sitting has commenced as disciplinary forces have vacated the area.

Carmella Gware