Film On Family Planning Launched

The Department of Health together with partners have launched an awareness film that seeks to promote Family Planning in Papua New Guinea.

The department, UNFPA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia and other partners launched the filmed called “Wan Boi, Wan Gel” that seeks to promote Family Planning with the sub-theme “By Choice, Not by Chance – One Small Family”, a film idea by former Technical advisor and medical health, the Late Dr Geita Lahui.

DFAT through the Pacific women program was pleased to have contributed to this partnership led by the Department of Health, UNFPA, FHI360 as well as contributions from a range of other partners and NGOs into this production.

Dr Lara Andrews of DFAT said they were pleased to be part of this collaboration and had this to say of the video’s message,

“The videos message about promoting family planning in particular at this point in time is really critical and I we look forward to hearing the feedback of how communities respond to this video and the impact that it has on encouraging people to continue with family planning.”

Acting UNFPA Country representative, Renna Donna extended her gratitude to NDOH on their strong partnership and to DFAT Australia for its much-valued support. She also extended thanks to other partners in Family Planning, whether it is in the area of policy advocacy, capacity development, knowledge management, service delivery or networking coordination.

“Let us continue to work hand in hand with government and our development partners to support family planning in PNG whether in normal or humanitarian setting. In doing so, we will help the people of PNG, especially women and young girls. Not only to survive but to thrive and transform.”

Marie Stopes was recognized at the launch for being one of the strongest partners in health, a core business in family planning and maternal health promotion.

Dr David Ayres, Country Director, MSPNG, thanked those present in coming together to address the issue on family planning.

“It’s great that people come together on an occasion like this. The Marie Stopes mission is that everybody has children by choice not chance, and it’s fantastic that that mission is captured in the goal around this video.

“So as an organization, Marie Stopes works in 37 countries throughout the world, and in those 37 countries, this mission of children by choice and not chance is our very, very clear focus, we are a family planning organization.”

Dr Ayres said that the vision of the organization is that no birth is unwanted and that is what they strive for everyday but the sad truth in PNG is that many births are unwanted or unplanned.

It is hoped that through this initiative and the services and programs set in place by NDOH and partners involved will see better outcomes for family planning and maternal health promotion.

Carol Kidu