Father on murder trial

A man from the Gulf Province is standing trial at the Waigani National Court over allegations he murdered his son almost two years ago.

Haroa Kaikara, pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder today before Justice Panuel Mogish which led to the commencement of his trial.

It is the State’s allegation that he killed his son, Vincent on the night of October 30, 2015, at their Kaugere family home.

The son came home drunk that night, asking for money from his father which led to an argument then a fight broke out between them .

It is alleged he took a knife and stabbed his son six times; in the neck, chest and back before running off.

The son died while being rushed to the hospital.

His defence is he was provoked and acted in self-defence, causing grievous bodily harm to his son.

State indicated calling two witnesses for the trial. The accused’s daughter was the first witness called by the State.

The trial continues. 

Sally Pokiton