Father’s sex case committed to national court

The case of a Busong man, who was alleged to have persistently sexually penetrated his biological daughter, has been committed to the Lae National Court by Senior Provincial Magistrate, Pious Tapil.

Police allege that the 37-year-old, from Morobe’s Nawaeb district, has been forcing his biological daughter, who was 12 years old at that time, to have sex with him from January 15th, 2018, to March 27th, 2022.

According to the police brief, “the victim always pleaded with the defendant to stop but he continued to have sex with her” until March 27th, when she ran away to another village.

The girl was then brought to Lae and the matter was reported to the Morobe Provincial Police Headquarters.

The defendant was then apprehended by village elders and brought to Lae, where he was charged and detained.

Magistrate Tapil found there was sufficient evidence to commit the matter to the National Court, with the case scheduled for February 13th.

Carmella Gware