Father’s response to Sogeri attempted hold-up

Was it a heroic move or a spur of the moment reaction for the family of five that escaped thugs at Sogeri?

For the husband, father and the driver of the vehicle that Saturday afternoon, it was a reaction that resulted from the thought of keeping his family alive.

This Vled Steljic’s response.

In an exclusive interview with the couple this morning, Steljic said his reaction at that moment was nothing more than what any normal father would do.

He said: “I didn’t want to think about anything else except to get out of that situation – to save my family”.

The couple stated that it was a traumatising experience; especially with their children on board.

Roxy Steljic stated that her children were both in the vehicle, but it was their son who started screaming. Her father-in-law was also present during that time; it was his first time to visit the country and she could not imagine what could have been going through his mind.

She said it was something that occurs to many other people but never really gets this much attention.

She stated that she only remembered the dashboard camera when they were asked by the police at Sogeri about what they had experienced.  

In the video, one of the thugs runs towards their vehicle with a gun aimed at them – could it be that the gun was without a bullet, resulting in the thug not firing?

To this question, Mr Steljic said he could not afford to think there were no bullets in the gun; all he thought about was to get as far away as possible.

He added that his remarkable driving could have been a reflex action, but as a Christian, he knew something more was at play – and he was thankful for that.

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Imelda Wavik