Family searches for missing teen daughter

A 14-year-old girl from Simbu Province has been missing since Saturday, November 24.

Jacklyn Dama was last seen between 8 and 10am where she resides; at the Eight-Mile settlement in the nation’s capital.

Her father, Joseph Dama, put in a police report at the Boroko Police Station today after family and relatives searched for her at various locations in the city; areas where she is known to frequent.

Her father stated that this is the first time such has happened.

He and his family are desperate for her safety. They have gone to the media to assist in locating their daughter.

Jacklyn has been described as being 140 centimetres tall, slim and with a dark complexion.

The teenager was last seen wearing a ‘Simbu’ coloured collar shirt, with a black skirt.

Salome Vincent