Family plans Roger Hau'ofa Kidney Centre

The family of the late radio legend, Roger Hau'ofa, plans to set up a kidney centre to his name.

The Roger Hau'ofa Kidney Centre will be set up to address the full spectrum of kidney disease, from prevention, treatment and care.

The late Hau’ofa passed on peacefully at 11.42pm on Saturday at his wife Pauline’s village, Iare in Kairuku District, Central Province, after suffering from kidney disease.

Daughter of late Hau'ofa, Michelle, said the family has walked that path and the vision that they had for their father is that his life will not be in vain.

Ms Hau'ofa said prevention is probably the most important thing but once a patient gets kidney disease, it is vital to provide quality affordable treatment.

“We’ve walked the whole spectrum of kidney disease from diagnosis to care and to palliative care.

“We had to understand what happens when a patient doesn’t want treatment anymore and we’ve learnt from the experience,” she said.

The late Hau'ofa didn’t want to die in the hospital and asked to stop all treatment and be taken home to Iare village. Ms Hau'ofa said her late father wanted to spend his last days there, surrounded by family.

She added that the kidney centre will help address the expensive treatment and support families going through what her family has experienced as these are currently not addressed by the health department.

Quintina Naime