Family Cries Foul

The family of the men who were killed at the Garden Hills Shooting in Port Moresby are crying foul over the reports of the cause of killing.

They said the reports that the deaths of the two were connected to the theft of a boombox was not true, as the two incidents are unrelated.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Daniel Emani said his family is not happy with the deaths being attributed to something that they were not responsible for.

He said the disturbances began on Thursday October 21, when the alleged shooter began terrorizing market vendors over money for a boombox that his son had given to youths in the area to sell for K500. The youths sold the boombox, but failed to give him the money.

“When he did not get his money, he and a group of his friends attacked a young man from Simbu who was not part of the party that sold the boombox.  Friends of the Simbu man then retaliated and attacked the policeman’s son and his friends.”

Emani said, following this, the policeman’s son went back home and told his father, who came down to the market where everyone was and began firing shots and threatening people.

“This  continued again on Friday afternoon and Saturday. On Saturday, he came and started firing shots until he ran out of bullets. Seeing this, the youths attacked him and he retreated to a parked vehicle, where he called for backup.

“More policemen joined in and they started firing shots and tear gas to disperse the crowd, this was around 7pm.”

He said once the place was deserted, the alleged shooter then proceeded to where the two deceased were.

“The younger one had just come out from the toilet when he was shot. The older man had stuck his head out to see what was going on and was shot as well.”

Emani added that the younger man also had his head knocked with a rock after he was shot. The bodies of the deceased have been brought to the morgue.

Police were present today at the scene to conduct their investigations, collecting bullet shells and tear gas canisters.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Superintendent, Gedion Ikumu confirmed that the Criminal Investigations Division would be looking into arson and property damages that occurred from the fight and retaliation of the deaths.

Loop Author