Extend Morgue Space: PM

The Department of Health will be preparing to increase the number of COVID-19 beds and morgue space in anticipation of the 3-times deadlier variant of the virus.

Prime Minister James Marape said this is the middle ground in responding to the huge public outcry against compulsory vaccination and a deep hesitancy in public vaccination.

He emphasized that no one will be forcing Papua New Guineans to get vaccinated.

While speaking to the National Control Centre meeting recently, the Prime Minister said vaccination will remain voluntary, but Papua New Guineans must start to seriously understand that they will die faster if they do not get vaccinated.

He said the last 18 months living with the Coronavirus has seen some deaths, although not as bad as seen in countries like India, which has similar living conditions to PNG.

This he attributed solely to “God’s grace and protection” but added that we have been given enough time to get ourselves medically prepared to fight the pandemic.

“It is really by the Grace of God that our country has been spared. But God has also given us enough time to respond to the virus ourselves, to stock up on vaccination or to build up our physical capacities on the ground,” PM Marape said.

He said: “There will not be any forced vaccination to our people. We leave the vaccination availability to anyone who feels that they need to be vaccinated, including those of us in the front-line.”

Freddy Mou