Explosives discovered after criminal's recapture

Police have discovered a large catchment of explosives after apprehending a known criminal in the Nawaeb block, Morobe Province.

The escapee had been recaptured on October 30. A further search at his parents’ residence at the block saw the confiscation of a carton of detonators.

The detonators were alleged to be a part of large amount of explosives belonging to a road construction company, TSC, which had ceased operations back in 2013 at Gumine, Simbu Province, and Eastern Highlands Province.

The explosives were ordered from Orica explosives and according to the company, should have been returned after the construction company ceased operations.

On November 6, the Lae police confiscated a large amount of these explosives at the company’s residence in Lae. Police have reason to believe that criminals are marking that area to steal the items.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says he is concerned that the company failed miserably to notify the authorities of the explosives, thus threatening the safety of the communities and Lae residents.

According to intelligence gathered, many of the local criminals were planning to use those items to commit crimes in Lae and the Northern region.

He also noted that there are no records of the number of explosives that were kept in the residence in a 20-foot container; thus this alone poses a great risk.

The commander said the items have now since been moved to Igam barracks armoury for safe keeping after an agreement with the PNG Defence Force commander was established.

He is also calling on other construction companies to report to police if there are unused or unnecessary explosives in their possession.

The Lae police boss has commended the intelligence unit based in Lae for their good work in tracking down the dangerous items.


Imelda Wavik