EU on Sustainable Mining

European Union Ambassador to PNG His Excellency Jernej Videtic recently held discussions with the Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke, on certain issues including the EU’s ‘Green Deal’.

The Ambassador stressed on reforms of the mining sector and its commitment to supporting sustainable development.

He also informed the Minister of a possible cooperation in the mining sector for “smart” and sustainable mining technologies and expertise in supporting the EU’s "Green Deal” and creating sustainable jobs for Papua New Guineans.

Minister Tuke while providing an update on the mining sector welcomed EU’s effort for a collaborative partnership to promote sustainability in the mining sector.

He said one of the biggest hindrances in the sector is having good sound policies in place, to mitigate challenges faced within the industry.

The Minister highlighted that the PNG Government is mindful and aware of the impact mines have on the environment and people’s livelihood and is addressing these issues by updating the regulatory framework and by demanding investors to introduce new modern and sustainable technologies.

The EU Ambassador underlined that the EU is supportive of responsible sourcing and recycling which are key approaches in the promotion of environment sustainability in the supply chain of minerals and metals.

The Ambassador invited the Minister to present the investment opportunities in mining for the European business community at the EU-PNG Business Conference that will take place in Port Moresby in October.

Press Release