ESP Governor not aware of projects

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, informed the Deputy Prime Minster he is aware of the interest in the Sepik Plains and announced projects, however they are not aware of what is happening.

The Governor said he is aware that investments are being planned for major projects in the Provinces, however, he does not have the necessary information.

The Governor said the Sepik Plains has more than a million hectares of arable land, and if managed well, will deliver long term sustainable projects that can last a lifetime and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“The National Government may be of an opinion that we are somehow involved and we are pushing this national agenda based on this large resources that are being invested.

“My administration does not know. So I have to say that, not that we are not supporting it, but we can’t support something we don’t know,” said the Governor.

Minister for National Planning, and Yangorru-Saussia MP, Ruchard Maru, recently announced the Sepik Plains agriculture and livestock project, between the Government and the Israel Company, LR Group.

Maru said Cabinet has approved the shareholding structure of the project, of which 5 per cent has been given to the local people.

Cedric Patjole
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