ESP commits to enhance transparency

East Sepik Province has committed to enhance transparency and accountability.

Provincial Administrator Dr Clement Malau said as the chief public servant, good governance is top of the agenda for his administration.

Since taking office in May of 2018, Dr Clement Malau made a commitment to focus on ensuring good governance and enhancing an evidence-based practice in the administration.

As the Chief Public Servant of the province, he hopes to live up to the expectations of the East Sepik people.

He said he wants to change the perception of the administration, who for years have been labelled ‘kaikai man’ or ‘kaikai meri’ (self-serving individuals); it was the only way to correct the systems of governance and earn that trust back.

Dr Malau said he signed a contract focused on twelve key performance indicators.

This includes:

  • Provide oversight and conduct a financial and administrative audit of the East Sepik Administration;
  • Conduct an administrative audit that enhances the restructure of the province’s human resources to align with the new Provincial Development Plan; and
  • Develop a comprehensive economic development strategy focusing on revenue generation.

One milestone for 2018 was the endorsement of the East Sepik Integrated Development Plan 2018-2028 by the Provincial Cabinet, which is the blueprint for development of the province.

The 2019 budget is focused on the implementation of this Plan.

In his provincial budget statement, Governor Allan Bird said he was happy that with East Sepik adopting the Integrated Financial Management System this year, it is expected to improve transparency around public finances.

The 2019 Budget is a balanced budget totaling over K238,900,800; unspent funds from 2018 will be added to this total by December 31st, 2018, and a budget review is expected by this March.

Dr Malau stressed that 2019 will be a year of audits to ensure government systems are operating effectively and the finances are being managed carefully.

He believes there is so much potential in the province and yet there had been missed opportunities in the past that need to be corrected.

Salome Vincent