Entire village population registered

The people of Egala Auna Village, Central Province, have every reason to celebrate for being recognised and being ready to take part in any development plans the government may have for the LLG.

They aim to pursue their mission to obtain a certificate of an Integrated Land Group.

They celebrated their achievement recently with the presentation of the NID cards and certificates.

They invited Governor Robert Agarobe to share in their achievement recently.

Egala Auna is the first village in Ward 4, and the first village in all 288 wards of Aroma LLG of the Abau District, to register under the NID exercise, in pursuit of an ILG certificate.

To date, the entire village population has been registered, and over 600 were issued NID cards and birth certificates.

Their ILG group called the Egala Auna Land Group Association Incorporated assisted with this.

Governor Agarobe said Egala Auna must be proud that it is one step ahead of the government.

“This was part of my plan but you beat me to it. We need to get the foundations right first for Central Province. Re-establish some structures and get them to start working again.”

From this, the ILG can now expect to get its certificate soon so that its true landowners can participate equally in development.

“Our traditional and customary land must be identified, as well as state land. Then we can go to the Department of Agriculture and apply for the land to work it.”

The Central Provincial Government has identified three priority areas – the first being agriculture.

Governor Agarobe said the province has to build its economy because currently there is not much coming in.

Followed by agriculture is tourism and sports.

He concluded his speech by congratulating the Egala Auna people, and promised to work with their ILG to seek economic opportunities under the three priority areas.

(Governor Robert Agarobe)

Salome Vincent