Engineering The Future

Buk bilong pikinini is on the path to exposing our young generation through STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by meeting people that work in different types of jobs in order for them to acknowledge a field of choices when it comes.

Bbp says girls and boys should be introduced to STEM from a young age to encourage them to pursue a career in medicine, science or engineering.

Bbp’s Early Childhood Education program provides the necessary learning foundations and activities, but there is nothing better than having the children learn first-hand how certain jobs operate.

Today’s excursion took 5 year old Dorcas Kilalema on a great opportunity to explore what it takes to be an engineer with Exxon Mobil PNG.

Kimberley Sabarei and Sebastian Hemetsberger were the two role models showing young Dorcas the inner workings of the plant site, a trip to the operations control rooms, valves, compressors and pipelines. She also had her PPE gear on proving that she was taught that safety comes first whilst skillfully operating a two-way radio as well.

Her excitement for the field trip is evident in the images captured and this goes to show that Bbp and the generous sponsorship from EMPNG has done well to pave the way forward for our future engineers.


Carol Kidu