Enga farewells late police officer

Hundreds of people recently gathered at Nagates oval in Wabag, to farewell one of Enga’s longest serving police officers and son.

The late Inspector Steven Pakunara, who originated from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, served the people of Enga for over 34 years until his passing.

Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Epenes Nili, described the late Pakunara as a man of discipline and maturity.

“Yumi lusim wanpla man lo kamapim na sheipim na mouldim wanpla man lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa,” PPC Nili said.

“Em i save teikim taim na risos na mani lo kamapim kain man olsem Steven Pakunara lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa, em i no wanpla liklik samting.”

The late Inspector Pakunara joined the Royal PNG Constabulary in 1985 and served the RPNGC with loyalty.

He was in charge of the traffic section until his untimely passing.

Fresh out of the Bomana Police College, the late Pakunara took his first posting to Wabag and never looked back, serving the people of Enga for more than 34 years.

Meantime, PPC Nili thanked the public for showing respect and contributing the repatriation of the late police officer back to Buka.

Freddy Mou