ENB sign MoU

Under the amended Road Traffic Act 2014, provincial governments are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Road Traffic Authority (RTA).

This paves way for provinces to undertake land transport functions and this week East New Britain signed its MoU.
The signing of the MoU builds partnership between East New Britain provincial administration and RTA as the province is being given more powers to run its own affairs in regards to addressing land transport. As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate some functions to the provinces to empower them to perform. 
RTA chief executive officer, Nelson Terema says by delegating the authority back to the provincial administrations, respective provinces will be able to provide basic road and traffic services as well as generating income. 
Terema said, “In order to perform this functions at the same time improve their revenue generation that is secondary, but priority number one is improve land transport services in the province so that it improves service delivery.”
The East New Britain province is very proactive in its transport services and the partnership with RTA will give them more independence to run its own transport affairs, including motor vehicle registration and licensing, among other functions stipulated under the Road Traffic Act. 
Terema added that RTA will continue to support in terms of training, logistics and resources or so. We will continue to support the province so that they must provide a very effective land transport service. The MOU will pave many ways to improve.
So far seven provinces have signed the MoU with RTA. Milne Bay and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will soon sign up.
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