ENB police to hunt for local gangs

Police in East New Britain Province will now conduct a major raid to find outstanding suspects who have been causing havoc in the zone 3 area of Raluana LLG, in Kokopo District.

The known suspects have been terrorising locals in the Kunakunai ward and neighbouring villages of Ravat, Tinganalom, Ngatur Turagunan and Tanaka.

Acting ENB Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Gabriel Bundy, said the suspects should surrender before they are hunted by police, as it will only lead to injuries or death.

“The ring leader, Jack Bilak, has been arrested and charged and is currently at the Kerevat Correctional Institution. So, this is a big call out to them to surrender now, or the law will get them, whether alive or dead,” Bundy said.

He advised that the youths involved, including some elderly men and women, are not only from one ward but are a mixed gang from Ravat, Ngatur, Tanaka and Kunakunai. Some of their leaders are wanted for a string of crimes ranging from break and entry, armed robbery and murder to rape.

The acting PPC further described villages like Kunakunai as a ‘ghost village’ because people have fled in fear of their lives.

“This is because this gang has been destroying people’s properties like houses and other assets and are selling these items, including the traditional shell money ‘Tabu’.

“They are living off what they steal.”

The Acting PPC said these areas have become a ‘no go zone’, where the perpetrators block off access roads and attack locals.

Furthermore, in fear of their safety, locals are not forthcoming with information.

Acting PPC Bundy is encouraging the Ward Development Committees in the affected wards to help the Ward Members, as well as the President for Raluana LLG, to get information on the suspects or have them surrender to police, so that they can restore peace and order in their wards.

Press release