ENB Governor to push for autonomy

The East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga pledged to his people recently that he will push for autonomy for the province.

He made the pledge at a gathering in the Lassul-Baining LLG of the Gazelle District last weekend.

“Autonomy for East New Britain is one of the priorities of my provincial Government,” Konga said to his people.

“As the country is aware the push for ENB autonomy has been going on for the past fourteen years, however with very little head way,” he said.

Konga said one of the main reasons is there was very little unity and a vision between all bodies involves in the process for attaining autonomy status for the provinces.

“I am ready to work with the ENB Autonomy Committee Chairman, Sir Ronald ToVue, his team and every other individual and entity involved to see how better we can push this issue.”

Meantime, Konga conveyed his gratitude to former Deputy Prime Minister and ENB Regional MP Sir Leo Dion for the work on autonomy for the province done so far and said he will take the matter on from where Sir Leo has left.

He also said he will look into the status of a new law that was developed by the Department of Provincial Affairs to facilitate greater power-sharing among the national and other levels of government.

It was developed under the leadership of Sir Leo.

The law is called the Organic Law on Decentralisation and it was designed to provide greater autonomy to ENB and other provinces that are ready to handle more powers.

True to his words, the Governor will be meeting with the New Ireland Autonomy Committee this week to discuss a way forward for the two provinces.

New Ireland took up the cause in 2008 under the leadership of former Governor Sir Julius Chan.


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