ENB governor calls for Tokua upgrade

East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga, has called on the Government to upgrade the Tokua Airport to international status.

The Governor said the upgrade will allow the Province to have direct international flights and increase its tourism exposure.

The Governor believes the upgrade would be a significant investment and will have an immediate impact on the economy.

He stated that direct international flights would be cheaper, making it conducive for increased tourist numbers.

“I am trying and I’m appealing to the National Government to hear my cry to have the Tokua Airport to an international airport.

“Tourism is one of the best industries anywhere in the world.

“I think one of the biggest killers is the cost of the airline.”

Minister for Tourism and Kokopo MP, Emil Tammur, said with the Province scheduled this year to host the shooting of one of the new upcoming Survivor seasons, there will be increased tourist numbers once it is aired.

He said key investment such as hotels and other hospitality infrastructure are needed.

“After Survivor, tourists will be coming to East New Britain in numbers. So this is where our provincial government has to sit down and look into the situation, like what our Governor said about the airport is one of them.”

Meanwhile, Governor Konga said first priority should be given to the airport upgrade.

“Only then will we trigger off the incentive to build the hotels,” said the Governor.

Cedric Patjole