ENB call for support of agro programs

Agriculture has always been the lifeline of ordinary people in communities.

East New Britain provincial administrator, Levi Mano made these remarks during the opening of the Division of Agriculture and Livestock industry annual conference at the Malapau Beach resort on Monday.

Mr Mano stated that agricultural programs must be effectively supported for people to progress the agriculture sector's objectives.

“We must change the way we conduct ourselves as an administration. To reduce the burden of executing our plans, we must collaborate and include private service providers,” he said.

He said people deserve better services and the public service machinery is limited in certain areas.

“All we can do now is create partnerships with private entities and our role is to monitor and evaluate their progress,” he said.

The Division of Agriculture and Livestock Industry annual conferences is a weeklong program which looks at issues and challenges in the agricultural sector. The conference will end on Friday 8 December 2023.

The conference was attended by rural district officers (RDO), stakeholders, and governmental agencies under the theme "Together, we can make it happen."

Mr Mano reminded the RDOs to put people first in their line of work.

He said people continue to suffer due to self-interest among other issues.

“We usually point to land scarcity as the issue. We can solve that through land mobilization programs. Get our officers out there and let’s look at ways on how we can advise the government on a land mobilisation program that can meaningfully serve the agricultural sector,” he said.

ENB provincial advisor for the Agriculture and Livestock industry, Dominic Huranaka said the conference will allow for discussions and debates to improve service delivery in the province regarding agriculture.

He said many agricultural programs have to be revived and advanced.

“East New Britain has been the home of farming; people are neglecting their farms because of lack of support from the government,

“Let us change for the better, make use of our resources that we have and collaborate with our partners,” he said. 

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