Electoral Commissioner has the duty to distribute Ballot Papers: PM

The decision in how the 2017 National Elections Ballot papers will be distributed is the prerogative of the PNG Electoral Commissioner, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Chuave MP Wera Mori directed a question in Parliament today to the Prime Minister asking him to clarify where ballot papers for 2017 elections would packed before distribution.

 “Is it true that Ballot Papers will be packed in Port Moresby and sent to the electorates’ unlike in the past where Ballot Papers were sent to electorates and packed in front of everyone, so everyone knew how many ballot papers were distributed to each wards based on number of population in particular ward,” Mori said. 

O’Neill in response said: “I do not have any idea, because it is the decision of the PNG Electoral Commissioner.”

He said he will ask the Commissioner to make clarification in all the decisions he made for the approaching elections.

O’Neill said he had not been talking directly to the Commissioner because it will raise many allegations. 

“I have not been talking directing to him, my officer are dealing with the commissioner.”

O’Neill added that unlike in the past Common Roll for the 2017 National Elections will be placed in the district so public have visibility of the roll people can have objection before writs are issued.

All the constitutional offices in the country come under the Department of Prime Minister. 


Charles Yapumi