Elections Security Preps Underway

Police Commissioner David Manning says planning for the joint security operations for the 2022 National General Elections has commenced since the Warning Orders was released on August 2nd.

The joint task force comprises of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), PNG Defense Force (PNGDF) and the Correctional Service.
“The Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the 2022 National General Elections Operations was presented to my office for approval and was signed off. The General Orders are being drafted within the next week or so for briefing to our commanders on the ground,” Commissioner Manning said.
There are three parts to the joint security operations, the pre-national election operations, and the election proper. The post national election operations also covers the formation of government and the NATO 2022 debriefing.

He said that the RPNGC is negotiating with the Treasury Department to release funds to start preparing for the first phase of the operation. This includes intelligence gathering, community policing, media and publication, and pre-deployment training of the integrated joint security forces.

“We currently have a strength of 6700 police personnel nationwide. There are 548 members retiring this year as they have reached the compulsory retirement age so we will have just over 6000 manpower strength by December.

“However, we expect to boost our number to 10,000 with the engagement of reserve police members and the inclusion of PNG Defense Force and Correctional Services personnel.”

The applications for reservists closed on July 14, with approximately 16,000 applications received.  Of the applications, 6000 were electronic and 10,000 hard copy applications. 

Commissioner Manning said the training of reservists would take place from November to March 2022, with the draft Reservist policy currently being developed. 

He added that the Memorandum of Understanding between the RPNGC and provincial governments would commence when the Reservist Policy is approved.

“We do not have the security personnel nor the resources to adequately cover the nation so we will be relying a lot on intelligence gathering, a massive media campaign and community policing.

“It is through intelligence gathering we will identify and target potential threats. It is through intelligence gathering that will determine the distribution of our security personnel.

“We expect the worst but as usual bank on the people’s goodwill and genuine desire to have a safe and secure 2022 National General Elections nationwide,” said Manning.

Melissa Wokasup