Eight Pioneer In Teacher Training Program

Digicel PNG Foundation’s Early Childhood Education program has fostered the accreditation of eight teachers from the program’s Central Province batch.

The pilot program collaborates with the IEA College of TAFE to provide internationally equivalent training and accreditation of early learning teachers.

It is globally recognized that investing in quality early childhood education has both economic and social benefits as it is the foundation for better learning. This was the message highlighted by Digicel PNG Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Serena Sasingian.

The CEO said the foundation recognized the significance of investing in early childhood learning in 2008 by launching its first mobile education center that has directly involved over 300 community volunteers to run informal preschools in settlements and rural communities around the country.

“Without an educated and literate population, we will continue to have a country that is rich in resources that we will stand proudly and declare but very unable to develop these resources to ensure that everybody across the country, whether you are in a city, or you’re in a rural area, you have access to quality opportunities to allow you to live a life that you deserve.”

Sasingian said the foundation is committed to building rural Papua New Guinea for the 85% of the population who otherwise do not have the same access to opportunities as those in the towns and cities.

Dr William Pedley of the IEA College of TAFE said TAFE shares the same vision with the foundation.

“TAFE has at its heart, the mission to educate and upskill through practical, applicable, business situations the population of Papua New Guinea. So we are entirely concentrated on helping Papua New Guinea develop further, build up the number of jobs and increase the wealth of the average Papua New Guinean.”

The graduands who are now pioneers of the program have been assured continuous support in their learning journey. They now have the tools necessary to teach effectively in early childhood education.


Marysila Kellerton