EHP Governor gets tough on illegal claims

Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu had burnt piles of proposals and claim submissions which are not genuine.

Numu said most of these proposals request for funds to build fish farming, road maintenance, poultry and piggery by few individuals without proper documentation and authorization.

In his endeavor to clean up Eastern Highlands Province and the desire to build a fiscally responsible environment in the province, Governor Numu said past indications revealed that funds released this way have no fruition of the work accomplished, and only few benefit from it.

While burning these documents, Governor Numu clarified that the burning of these false claims was to demonstrate a stop to submission of such to the Office of the Governor.

He said the Governor’s Office will only entertain existing companies with good record and have experience in good cash flow with the objective to deliver quality service to the people of Eastern Highlands.

” A letter of interest expressing a modern idea coupled with Company Profile is encouraged to be submitted to the Office of the Governor.

“Upon verifying and considering the record of the companies who have submitted their profiles and expression of interest, they will be notified for financial support from the Office of the Governor.”

Governor Numu further reiterated that his Office is for the majority of the people and not for few individuals and therefore it must serve the interest of majority of Eastern Highlands.

He further indicated that currently the province is in a tough economic situation hence the action is to safeguard the economy of the province.

Freddy Mou