EHP Governor crosses to Opposition

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu has crossed the floor during Parliament session today and joined the Opposition.

Numu made the move after he did not get a favourable response from Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, regarding coffee farmers in his province.

In a media conference, the Opposition members welcomed Governor Numu and made a bold statement that many more are joining them.

Governor Numu said his move is for the good of his people and not for his own personal gain.

“I have been observing what has been going on with the current Government and cannot just sit there but will make a move.

“My move to the Opposition was for the good of my people.

“We have been deprived of what is rightfully ours for a very long time.”

Governor Numu said he had discussed with his people before making the move.

Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch, when welcoming Governor Numu, said such move by the young leader speaks of the leadership maturity he has.

“Many MPs know what is wrong with the government but cannot be moved because they are scared.”

He said Governor Numu has made the right decision and is appealing to those others that are undecided to move over and together they will change the current government.

(EHP Governor Peter Numu [front row, fourth left] with members of the Opposition)

Freddy Mou
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