EHP Governor clarifies looting spree claims

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu has condemned the report of alleged looting at a shop in Goroka, saying that the accusers were only out to tarnish his reputation.

In a media conference today, Governor Peter Numu clarified that it was not a looting spree as claimed but an agreement between the shop manager and himself.

“I am not that stupid to tell people to just go in and get good at their own will.

“I have an agreement with the shop manager and we agreed for the people to get goods worth K5,000.”

He said these were just mere allegations to tarnish his name and reputation.

“When we went into elections, all of the candidates go against me and this is one of their tactics in spoiling my name,” says Governor Numu.

He also said he will be seeking legal advice on the alleged false information.

It was claimed that Numu ordered opportunists to loot Bintangor Shopping centre in Goroka two weeks ago.

Governor Numu clarified that the bill owed to the shop was already settled.

Freddy Mou