Efficient transport system for NCD on agenda

NCD Governor Powes Parkop says plans are underway to introduce an efficient transportation system in Port Moresby.

The Governor revealed this during the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast today.

Parkop said an improved transportation system was needed so that it minimised or eliminated disruptions to daily transportation needs.

His comments follow the recent strike by PMV operators in the capital city, temporarily shutting down transportation services.

He said plans to introduce a more efficient transportation system had been shelved in the past however, the recent PMV strike was the final straw.

The disruptions had a huge impact and needed to be addressed, stated the governor.

The recent strike by PMV driver and owners followed the alleged bashing of a PMV driver by Police.

While investigations in to the incident are ongoing, Parkop said the city cannot be held to ransom by private PMV operators.

He also told the members of the Chamber that it was also in their best interest that an effective transportation system was introduced.

Parkop’s appearance at the breakfast was to brief members on NCD’s strategic plan for the next five years.

He said his main focus was getting the basics right, of which transportation was a component.

(The strike that happened last week)

Cedric Patjole