Education Officials To Be Scrutinised

Morobe’s education officials, including teachers, will be closely scrutinised this year.

The development of human resource is important as it contributes to nation-building.

That is why Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, emphasised that individuals involved in the teaching and learning sector will be closely scrutinised.

“This year, we’re going to make sure that they must do their jobs,” said Tangui.

“They must not run around Lae and do other jobs and the students will suffer back in the school.

“So in 2022, all district education managers will pull their socks up, inspectors will pull their socks up, and we will make sure that they’re well-funded so that any teacher roaming around, they’ll report directly here and we’ll put them off the payroll.”

Tangui said once the officer in question is put off the payroll, he or she will have to answer to the provincial program advisor.

“When you work, you get paid. When you don’t work, you cannot get paid,” he stated. “So if you’re not there for one week, you will lose one week of pay unless you got sick and you have a medical certificate to verify that.”

Tangui further said the community will need to take ownership of schools within their area and report incompetent education officials to the provincial office.

“If the community finds out that students are not getting any education because teachers are not there, they could report direct to us so that we can take action from here,” he outlined.

“As soon as a teacher is reported by the community or parents, we will have one officer from the division go in to verify.”

Tangui further urged district education managers and school inspectors to physically visit their respective schools.

(Students of Hobu Primary School in Nawaeb district, Morobe Province)

Carmella Gware