Education functions transferred to NCDC

National Department of Education today officially transferred educational functions from the National Department of Education to the National Capital District Commission.

Minister Yopyyopy was a proud man delivering the fruits of what he had initiated a few years back when he was the Manager for education under the National Capital District.

“Today’s event closes the chapter in the decentralization of powers and functions in education to all provinces in Papua New Guinea.

This decision is based on the organic law on provincial and local level governments where all provinces, all provincial education division must directly come under provincial government,” he said.

Yopyyopy said Education has and will become an increasingly vital component of the economic and social fabric of Papua New Guinea.

“Structural changes and reforms, this country has had tangible progress in education over past 10 decade but more improvements are needed, while we continue to face challenges that are complex in nature as education grows with population increase,” he added.   

The transfer of functions now mean that National Capital District can expand on infrastructure and policies to accommodate the increasing number of school age children in schools, many of whom get pushed out due to lack of space.

“The provinces including NCDC are responsible for all the registered elementary, primary, secondary and TVET schools. These institutions directly come under the provincial education board and provincial and local level governments must take active role as we work in partnership in the delivery of quality education to our citizens,” Minister Yopyyopy said.

Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra, while making the opening remarks at the MOU signing of the transfer of functions today at the Caritas Catholic Technical Secondary School acknowledged the technical contribution from the joint working group including officers from the DoE, NCD, and Teaching Services Commission for their efforts since 2015 to this day. 

“Today’s event will actually see the education services in NCDC be recognized as any other provincial education division. It has taken quite a while for about five years, but it’s better to be done than never.” Secretary Kombra said.

He said the process of separation of NCD education from the department as a function will include the staffing, the assets, the management of schools, all that has been managed by the department of education will be transferred to the NCDC.

Governor of NCDC, Powes Parkorp, in accepting the transfer of functions said although the NCD was created by the constitution to have functions similar to a provincial government, did not rush to take over national functions unlike other provinces.  

However he said now is the time, 45 years on the city must start to take over certain responsibilities.

He acknowledged the significant contributions from Minister Yopyyopy and Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, & Technology, Nick Kuman in their former capacities as managers in the National Capital District Commission and also in their capacities as former and current Ministers for education respectively.

Frieda Kana
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