Eco-tourism potential overlooked

Eco-tourism has the potential to attract more international visitors to Papua New Guinea, claims eco-tourism product owner Vincent Kumura.

Kumura recently launched the first eco-tourism product in the remote mountain village of Snow Pass in Bundi, Madang Province.

The Richmond Haus lodge is located at mid-point between the majestic Ramu plains and the lofty ridges of Mt. Wilhelm.

Local and international visitors can enjoy the peaceful scenery as it is a major transition point for migrating birds passing up and down.

The eco-lodge specialises in offering eco-tourism products and services such as tracking, bird watching, star gazing, culture and the rich flora and faunas.

Kumura highlighted eco-tourism is PNG’s un-borrowed natural strength given the very exotic cultures.

“We need government support to help us build our tracks along the Bismarck Range, build cabins along the track, organize culture shows, do aggressive marketing and attract more tourists,” Kumura said.

Kumura added that eco-tourism simply is a tourism activity that focuses on appreciating, preserving and adding value to the local culture, natural environment and lifestyle of the people in and around an area.

Quintina Naime