EC unprepared for trial

The Electoral Commission is still not prepared for trial in the election petition case taken by Michael Kandiu and Andy Bawa against NCD Governor Powes Parkop and the Electoral Commission.

The case, which was set for trial today, was further adjourned to Wednesday to allow the Electoral Commission to file the necessary documents.

Lawyer representing the Electoral Commission told Court that they are having trouble obtaining the documents requested by the petitioners.

The documents are locked up in a container.

They consist of the 364 presiding officers’ journals, list of polling schedules, forms 66 A and B showing the 34th and 35th elimination and the list of presiding officers.

Lawyer representing Michael Kandiu, Philip Korowi, said the Electoral Commission had sufficient time but failed to produce these vital documents necessary for the trial.

Court however, accepted the reasons provided by EC and ordered for them to retrieve these documents tomorrow and file them.

The matter was then adjourned to Wednesday.

Petitioner Michael Kandiu has also filed contempt proceedings against the Electoral Commissioner, which they will seek leave to hear if the Electoral Commission fails to file the documents tomorrow.

Andy Bawa, on the other hand, requested for Court to summon the Electoral Commissioner or any officer from EC to provide information stored in their database with regards to this matter.

Outside of Court, both petitioners say while it has been a slow process, they are ready for trial.

Charmaine Poriambep