EC calls witnesses in Hela petition

The election petition trial disputing Philip Undialu’s election as Hela Regional MP will continue in the National Court today.

Petitioner Francis Potape called a total of 27 witnesses to give evidence in court.

The Electoral Commission opened its case on Friday in the petition trial over the Hela Regional Seat, filed by Francis Potape.

Provincial returning officer for Hela, John Tipa, was called to the stand to give evidence in relation to statements he filed.

Tipa will return to the stand on Monday. The Electoral Commission intends to call two more witnesses before Undialu can call his witnesses.

The petitioner had a total of 59 witnesses, however only 27 were called to the stand.

Two witnesses; the Electoral Commission’s lawyer and Police Forensic officer who examined the Form 66B, appeared in court on Summons obtained by Potape.

Philip Undialu has filed 41 witness affidavits in the petition. He will present his evidence through his witnesses after the Electoral Commission.

Potape is disputing the final scrutiny process of the Hela Regional Seat and the declaration of Undialu, which occurred on 24 July, 2017.

Sally Pokiton