East Sepik gets eight new police vehicles

The Wewak Town Police Station was recently presented with eight brand new vehicles by the East Sepik Provincial Government.

Governor Allan Bird said the purpose of these vehicles was help the police carry out their jobs effectively throughout the province and in parts of the West Sepik as well.

Governor Bird said East Sepik has the second largest population of 800,000 and with only 170 police personnel, it is quite difficult to service the wider population given the limited resources.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Donald Yamasombi thanked Governor Bird for seeing the need in resourcing police in the province, to cover more areas in the province and enforce law and order.

Yamasombi challenged his personnel to take care of the resources and be more responsible in maintaining them. He said any officer who damages any one vehicle, will be held accountable to accrue costs. This will be made concrete in the launch of the ‘Vehicle Assiduous Policy’ this December 2021.

Governor Bird announced also that the provincial government has allocated K500, 000 for fuel for the police vehicles. He said an additional 12 vehicles will be delivered this year bringing the police vehicles to 20, and as added measure, a facelift for the Yawasoro Police Barracks.

Carol Kidu